• COVID Stops Traffic but Not Progress

COVID Stops Traffic but Not Progress

The COVID that started last month has continued to the present, and the situation is not optimistic at present. Every day we hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and we can all return to normal life and work. But our partners at JW Garment, even in such difficult times, kept coming to the company every day to actively participate in their work.
For the love of sportswear production, we insist on answering customers’ questions and giving corresponding solutions, providing customers with proofing and quotation services.
Remind us through this year’s epidemic: We never know what will happen tomorrow, so please cherish the present. If you miss someone, pick up your mobile phone and make a call. If you want to see someone, you will leave immediately. If you like someone, you will have the courage to express yourself. If there is a place you want to go, you will hurry up and set off immediately. Life is a series of subtractions, and the future is not long.
If you always think about going after this is done, or when you must go, you may never see it again. The past cannot be undone, and the future cannot be grasped. Cherish the moment. There are too many uncontrollable regrets in life. From now on, don’t take the initiative to create regrets, and don’t leave regrets today and in the future. There is no quiet time, you are safe, I am safe is the most quiet time in the world!

Post time: Mar-30-2022