• Which kind of exercise has the best fat-burning effect in our common fitness exercises?

Which kind of exercise has the best fat-burning effect in our common fitness exercises?

We know that losing weight is not just about controlling your diet, but also needing to strengthen fitness exercises to improve your body’s activity and metabolism, and strengthen your physique, so that you can lose weight healthily.
However, there are many choices of fitness exercise. What exercise should you choose to lose weight in order to achieve a good weight loss effect? Let’s take a look at the common exercise rankings to see which exercise works best for fat burning:

1. Jogging
Jogging is a very familiar exercise, jogging for 1 hour can consume 550 calories. However, it is difficult for people who have just started exercising to continue for 1 hour. Generally, they need to start with brisk walking combined with jogging, and then transition to uniform jogging training after a period of time.
Jogging can be run outdoors or on a treadmill. However, outdoor running will be affected by the weather. There will be more people running outdoors in summer, and fewer people running outdoors in winter. Do you prefer treadmill running or outdoor running?

2. Jump rope
Skipping rope is a high-intensity fat-burning training that not only increases heart rate quickly, but also effectively builds muscles and prevents muscle loss. Jumping rope is not affected by the weather, only one rope is needed to jump up from a small open space.
Skipping rope only takes 15 minutes to achieve the effect of jogging for more than half an hour. After skipping rope, the body will be at a high metabolic level and will continue to consume calories.
However, skipping rope training is suitable for slightly overweight people, and people with large weight bases and high blood pressure are not suitable for skipping rope training, because it is easy to induce health problems.